Surveyor 32 UAV-LiDAR system

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SL800 Drone

Innoflight ScanLift 800 Drone

Australian-designed and manufactured, the Innoflight ScanLift series is a professional medium to heavy lift UAS multirotor platform designed and developed as a highly safe and efficient way to carry a wide range of payloads.

Standard Features

Fully Modular Design

Possibly the world's first 'plug and fly' modular system that uses interchangeable arms to easily replace damaged arms or change from a four-rotor configuration to an eight-rotor design without changing the main body.

Quick Connect Mount

ScanLift features a dovetail mounting system for fast and straightforward payload changes. Unscrewing the lock and pushing your payload forward will release the load from the ScanLift. The integrated dampening system also ensures minimized vibrations on the payload.

Quality Flight Control System

The ScanLift robust hand-held Eco ground control station (GCS) is a portable command and control station featuring an industrial grade touchscreen Windows™ 10 computer with a secure 900MHz encrypted data link that is FAA/FCC ID: NS913P900 complaint. The Eco GCS operates via intuitive joystick/switches to control the aircraft in flight for simple and safe operations. The Eco GCS is designed to work in harsh conditions with a battery runtime of 4h continuous use and has an IP67 weather-resistant rating.


The Jupiter+ Auto Pilot flight controller provides the world's finest control. The Auto Pilot can carry out fully autonomous flights with our proprietary mission planning software.

Innoflight's mission planning software, i- Ground Control (i-GCS) versatility sets itself apart from all the others. i-GCS comes installed on the SL-800 ground control station and can be loaded onto other computers. The multi-device compatibility allows you to create missions in the field or at your office.


World Class Jupiter Plus Auto Pilot flight controller with fully autonomous flight capability. It is equipped with Dual inertial Measurement units (IMU), Dual Magnetometer (compass heading), Internal Dampening, Dual Power Supply & Redundant Back-Up Battery, CNC Precision Case, Commercial Grade Components, Secure In-house INF Source Code, Customer Firmware Integrations available, UAV CAN, TTL, PWM, i2Z.

Transportation Case

Minutes from case to flight. Packing or unpacking the ScanLift couldn't be any easier or quicker with a rugged and portable carry case. The ScanLift case is also commercial airline weight and size compliant. One person can easily maneuver the case with the built-in wheels and retractable handle.

Dimensions :H 530mm (20.9in) x W 530mm (20.9in) x L 630mm (24.8in) Volume: 0.177 ㎥

Add-On Features Include:

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