eGPS saves us a lot of time, which helps us make a positive effect on the bottom line.

Chastain & Associates

The eGPS staff is quick to respond to a need and usually available at the time of call. I feel that I am important, treated in a very personable manner and not just a number.

EMC Engineering Services Inc

The EGPS Base Stations have reduced our Field GPS Base Station observations by 75%. We appreciate the good service.

Metro Engineering & Surveying

The Champion rover has proved to be a very reliable solution that has met every goal of our purchase.

The Acre Group Inc

The Champion Receiver has performed very well for us. EGPS Solutions has always been only a phone call away when we needed them. Lonnie, Carey, Peter, and Tommy have been in the industry a long time, and have been professional with advice and great to work with.

Anderson & Associates

The bottom line comes down to, Great Product at a Great Price with an Awesome Sales/Support Staff that I would Highly recommend to anyone.

Land Development Surveyors

With the service that eGPS has provided surveyors of the State of Georgia, we can now cut out at least 1 day of field work and 1 day of reconnaissance, depending on job size.

TerraMark, Kennesaw, GA

Life in the field has changed drastically since I bought the Zoom90. The cordless Bluetooth radio connect is nice in forest vegetation, the wires don't tangle and the radio range holds up in forest vegetation also.

Dan Hinson Land Surveyor Inc

The service has always been reliable and the eGPS staff quick to resolve the rare problem that arises. We have been able to set control quickly and accurately on projects that would have required days of traversing and leveling to NGS monuments. I highly recommend eGPS and commend their staff for maintaining a high level of customer service.

Thomas & Hutton Engineering Co

We still have a lot to learn, but if we have any problems – Pat is someone who knows how to help us and is always willing to give us any support we need. Thank you Pat and eGPS Solutions for all you have done for us

Fisher Sherer Inc Land Surveying

With no prior knowledge of GEO MAX, I fully trusted the advice and direction of Stan Wilson and Lonnie Sears, to give this instrument a shot. The robotic instrument we have used for the past 12 years was a Topcon GPT 820 with the Satel Radios and TDS Ranger collector. After using the GEO MAX coupled with the Carlson collector, that Topcon is now on E-bay. The GEO MAX is a lot lighter, tracks & scans much easier and the long range blue tooth eliminated all those cords and radios that constantly stayed hung up in vines and brush, not to mention the weight reduction to the prism pole.

J.B. Faircloth and Associates, PC

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