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Annual Data Plans with SIM Card







Why choose eGPS Solutions?

eGPS Solutions offers M2M data plans for Verizon and AT&T. What does this mean for you?

Our motto is "We will not let you fail" - We are all about making things easier and more convenient for you to get the job done. The annual M2M data plans that we offer give you two choices to choose from:

  1. Continue to use your mobile hotspot with our annual data plans.
  2. Instead of using your mobile hotspot, use the SIM card included in our annual data plans to connect to the Internet. That's one less device you have to worry about!

Here's how it works:

With hotspot:

M2M data plan with mobile hotspot setup

Without hotspot:

M2M data plan with SIM card setup

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a SIM card?

SIM stands for "Subscriber Identity Module." A SIM card allows you to connect to a mobile network and use the communcation features of your device (making calls, texting, connecting to the Internet, etc).

What does GSM mean?

GSM stands for "Global System for Mobile." Devices that carry a GSM modem can accept SIM cards, which can connect to a mobile network via a subscription plan.

What does CDMA mean?

CDMA stands for "Code Division Multiple Access." Not all CDMA devices have SIM cards. Those that do, have them to connect to the 4G LTE network.

What are machine-to-machine (M2M) data plans?

M2M refers to the communication and exchange of information between two devices, without human interaction.

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