GeoMax Zoom95 Robotic Total Station
Geomax Zoom95 robotic total station on a tripod out in the field

GeoMax Zoom95 Overview

Fully Robotic

With the STReAM360 technology, the Zoom95 easily and quickly finds, locks and traces the prism:

  • Scout: Vertical laser fan is emitted from the rotating instrument. As soon as reflections from a prism are received, the Zoom95 accurately aims towards this prism.
  • TRack: The target is being continuously tracked. Once locked onto, the instrument remains accurately aimed even on fast moving targets.
  • AiM: The Zoom95 aims accurately at any prism, without the need to look through the telescope.

Modern Data Capturing & Handling

No more paper plans. Upload your plans onto the X-PAD Ultimate field software or into the TPS, and conveniently edit the CAD drawings on-site on the big screen of the GeoMax robotic total stations. Big files can be handled easily and fast thanks to the strong performing processor of the Zoom95.

Seamless Workflow with Maximum Flexibility

X-PAD software, GeoMax field controllers and the Zoom95 robotic TPS are carefully chosen and developed to enable a carefree and efficient workflow. X-PAD gives you the flexibility to choose your preferred operating system and field controller as it is available as fully-featured Android ™ and Windows ® field software running on a multitude of field controllers.

Zoom95 vs. Zoom90: The Differences

The Zoom95 is the flagship of the GeoMax TPS portfolio, replacing the Zoom90. The most notable enhancements with the Zoom95 are advanced acquisition and tracking capabilities, a powerful internal processor for fast handling of big files, and a larger touch screen display. Here's the breakdown:

Zoom95 Zoom90
Accuracy 1", 2", 3", 5" 1", 2", 5"
Keyboard Full alphanumeric; 25 keys; illuminated (2nd optional) Full alphanumeric; 35 keys; illuminated (2nd optional)
Display 5" WVGA 800x480 color and touch with LED backlight Full VGA 640x480 color and touch with LED backlight
Data Recording 2 GB internal memory; removable SD card and USB stick 1 GB internal memory; removable SD card and USB stick
Ports Serial; USB; internal Bluetooth; long-range Bluetooth handle; External power and WLAN Serial; USB; internal Bluetooth; long-range Bluetooth handle and external power
Operating System Microsoft Windows EC 7.0 Microsoft Windows CE 6.0


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