Getting Started with X-PAD

Start your setup with the main modules and add additional options to customize your solution to your needs.

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Main Modules


Includes all functionalities for survey, stakeout and control with GNSS receivers.

TPS Manual

Includes all functionalities for survey, stakeout and control with the mechanical total station.


Exclusive bundle of the modules that are used most in the field: includes GNSS, TPS, and Robotic TPS.

Super Premium

Complete the Premium bundle with additional modules: GNSS, TPS, Robotic, Build Extension, Road, Volume, X-Pole, GIS, BIM, and Locators.

Additional Options

Robotic TPS

Extend the TPS main module with features that allow full control of motorized and robotic total stations.


Create and import 3D surfaces to be used for all stakeout operations. It includes functions for the calculation of the volumes according to different methods.


Manage bathymetric surveys by acquiring depth data from echo sounder and GNSS positions. This includes a route control.


Import road design data from different formats and stakeout any element in the alignment in various ways.


Captures and photo processes allow you to place the measurement of points directly on the photos themselves.


Flexibly work with TPS and GNSS at the same time, by using the best features of each system.


Define GIS features and attributes to be assigned to measured points. It includes import and export functions of GIS data.


Connect to utility locators and record depths at corresponding GNSS positions.


Import BIM models, display, navigate and extract information (points, lines, surfaces) for checking and stakeout operations.

Build Extension

Extend the Survey version with all the features that are exclusively made for the Build version.


Set of commands designed for mechanical, electrical and plumbing, transfer heights, create parallel lines, on surfaces, and scan lines.

How Others Are Using X-PAD

See how Remote Mapping Group surveys with drones and X-PAD software.

"The GeoMax products that I'm using now cut my time for surveying by a third."

caleb sears profile picture

Caleb Sears,
Drone Surveyor Pilot
Remote Mapping Group

Grant Shepherd & Associates uses X-PAD to stake the track at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.

"The platform, the versatility, the functionality of X-PAD is far superior to any other software that we've used in the past."

william shepherd profile picture

William Shepherd,
Director of Planning & Surveying
Grant Shepherd & Associates

EMC Engineering gives their testimony about X-PAD Ultimate Survey during a joint training session with eGPS Solutions and GeoMax.

"We chose X-PAD software because of the ease of use...It's very user friendly, easy to use so that was probably the biggest reason we've chose that."

wesley weitman profile picture

Wesley Weitman
Statesboro Survey Dept. Head
EMC Engineering Services Inc.

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There's always a learning curve when it comes to new software. We get it.
Our technical support staff at eGPS Solutions is here to help you learn the ins and outs and answer any questions you may have on X-PAD.

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