eGPS Network

How-To Guides

Connecting to the eGPS-VRS Network | PDF

Connecting to the GEO++ Network | PDF

Connecting to the Trimble Network | PDF

GNSS Workflow Procedure | PDF

PRO GNSS Receiver

PRO Thumb Drive Files | ZIP

PRO Brochure | PDF


PRO GNSS Receiver Manual | PDF

How-To Guides

PRO Base & Rover Configuration | PDF

PRO Static Configuration | PDF

Updating Your PRO | PDF

Config-1.6.55_20Hz | CFG

radio_channel_Champion | CFG

update_gnss_v5.42_02_b20190812 | BIN

update_Pro_v1.6.55_20Hz_b20181201 | BIN

Connecting to the PRO Web Interface | PDF

PRO-Powerblock Hookup Instructions | JPG


Importing Static Data for PRO and i80 | ZIP

HC3 Data Collector


HC3 Data Collector Manual | PDF

How-To Guides

HC3 WiFi Remote Access | PDF

i80 GNSS Receiver


i80 GNSS Receiver Manual | PDF


Importing Static Data for PRO and i80 | ZIP

WR1 Receiver

How-To Guides

WR1 Radio Programming (For Non-Satel Radios) | PDF

WR1 Radio Programming (For Satel Radios) | PDF

Find Your WR1 Motherboard SN | PDF


WR1 USB PC Driver | ZIP

WR1 UHF Non-Satel Radio Management Software V1.2.5 | ZIP

WR1 GNSS Radio Manager Channel Configurations | ZIP

GNSS WR1 Satel Radio Manager Software | ZIP

WR1 GNSS Satel Radio Manager Channel Settings | ZIP

GNSS WR1 Receiver Management Software | ZIP


WR1 Firmware - Requires SurvCE v6.0 or Higher | ZIP

WR1 Firmware - SurvCE v.5.08.15 or Lower | ZIP

WR1 Trimble Board | ZIP

TKO Receiver


TKO Receiver Manual | PDF

How-To Guides

TKO Firmware Upgrade Guide | PDF

Set up the TKO with a SIM card | PDF

Quick TKO Button Pushes Guide | TXT


TKO Base/Rover Setup Guide with Field Genius | PDF

TKO Base Rover - Configure Base Rover with SurvCE | PDF

TKO - Configure Network Rover with SurvCE | PDF

TKO Radio Programming Guide | PDF

TKO Static Surveying Guide #1 | PDF

TKO Static Surveying Guide #2 | PDF


TKO Receiver Management Software V1.4.1 | EXE

TKO Radio Management Software V1.2.4 | EXE

TKO Channels | ZIP

TKO TransRinex Software | EXE

TransRinex Convert Rinex TKO Package | ZIP

HGO Data Post Pocessing Software Package for TKO | ZIP

TKO NMEA Data Manager | EXE


TKO Receiver Firmware | HTB

TKO Radio Firmware | HTB

TKO Trimble Board | ZIP

Scepter I & II Data Collector

How-To Guides

Configure Internal GPS with Scepter or Scepter II | PDF

Connecting to a Real Time Network | PDF

Configuring Internal Mapping Grade Receiver inside Scepter II | PDF

Scepter III Data Collector


Scepter III Data Collector Manual | PDF

T2-2 Total Station


T2-2 Total Station Manual | PDF

How-To Guides

T2-2 Collimation Guide | PDF


T2-2 Firmware | BIN

Additional Resources

T2-2 Settings | PDF

T2-2 Program Installation Guide | PDF

T2-2 Specs | PDF

Trimble 5600 Robotic Total Station

How-To Guides

Trimble 5600 BT SurvCE User Guide | PDF

Trimble 5600 BT Survey PRO User Guide | PDF

Trimble 5600 BT for Trimble Software | PDF

Carlson SurvCE

Surveyor2 & Verizon MiFi Device Incompatibility | PDF

How-To Guides

Carlson Xport Instructions | PDF

Localize with SurvCE Guide | PDF

SurvCE Base Station Setup Options | PDF

SuvCE Continental GEOID | PDF

Grid to Ground after Data is Collected | PDF

Windows Mobile

How-To Guides

Windows Mobile Guide | PDF

Windows 10 WMDC Fix | PDF

Additional Resources

WMDC 64-bit Install | EX


GEOID2018 for All Carlson Software | GSB

GEOID2012B for All Carlson Software | GRD

Additional Resources

Choosing your Bubble Style | PDF

How-To Guides

User Guidelines for GNSS Positioning | PDF

How Robotic Tracking Works | PDF

Getting Started with Datumate Datugram3D | PDF


HGO Software Package for Windows 7/8/10 | ZIP

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