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Velodyne HDL-32E LiDAR Scanner

Velodyne HDL-32E

The Velodyne HDL-32E LiDAR sensor is small, lightweight, ruggedly built and features up to 32 lasers across a 40° vertical field of view. The HDL-32E measures only 5.7" high x 3.4" in diameter, weighs less than two kilograms and was designed to exceed the demands of the most challenging real-world autonomous navigation, 3D mobile mapping and other LiDAR applications.

RIEGL miniVUX-1UAV LiDAR Scanner


The RIEGL miniVUX-1UAV is an extremely lightweight airborne laser scanner, designed specifically for integration with UAS/UAV/RPAS.The small and sophisticated design of the stable aluminium housing enables integration with platforms that offer restricted space or payload capabilities. The 360° field of view allows complete acquisition of the environment.

An easy to remove SD storage card for data acquisition, and/or the option for streaming the scan data via LAN-TCP/IP interface, in combination with the modest power consumption of the scanner, enables simple integration possibilities with most UAS/UAV/RPAS systems.

The RIEGL miniVUX-1UAV makes use of RIEGL’s unique Waveform-LIDAR technology, allowing echo digitization and online waveform processing. Multi-target resolution is the basis for penetrating even dense foliage. Additionally the wavelength is optimized for the meaurement of snowy and icy terrain.

Quanergy M8 LiDAR Scanner

Quanergy M8

The M8 enables ubiquitous use of smart sensing in dynamic situations - made and tested for 3D mapping, security, harsh industrial environments and the most demanding applications. The M8 sensor's small design sees by day or night, with no IR signature needed, and works in any weather. Multiple laser beams and Time-of-Flight (TOF) depth perception result in 3D point clouds for spatial sensing. With a 360° field of view, 420,000 points per second, long measurement range, high accuracy, and fine resolution, this sensor is now available at a breakthrough price.

The M8 features Multi-LiDAR Fusion, Quanergy's proprietary smart technology that combines multiple LiDARs into a single unified point cloud, for tracking unique objects in complex environments.


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