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eGPS is the largest privately-owned GNSS GPS base station network in the United States.

Whether you're a GIS professional, Land Surveyor, Geodetic Surveyor, Construction Surveyor, Marine Surveyor, user of Precision Ag or Machine Control, are looking to accomplish static or RTK-GPS surveys, or need a simple, effective way to produce survey-quality GPS work, the eGPS Solutions GNSS Real Time Network (RTN) is ready to work for you!

Simple to operate, easy to set up and accurate to the centimeter, let the eGPS GNSS RTN improve the efficiency of your surveys by over 50% with real-time, Internet-based GPS data.

Unprecedented Reliability

  • SatelliteOperational 24 hours each day, seven days a week.
    Users of the eGPS Solutions RTN simply dial into the system to receive their position quickly and reliably.

  • 100% Cable-free operation.
    Utilizing Bluetooth® wireless communication between the receiver and controller creates absolutely cable-free rover operation! External radios, cables and extra tripods are not needed. Set-up and operation are incredibly simple. Varies by brand of equipment.

  • Eliminates the requirement to own and operate a base station receiver.
    Do you own a base station already? Then, it may be possible to convert it to a rover receiver, which could double the amount of data collected each day. The risk of theft and labor costs associated with the operation of the mobile base station is eliminated.

  • Clear communications via a cell phone.
    Clear communications between the RTN and rovers via cell phone modems eliminates problems associated with radio broadcast.

  • Available in area with no cell phone coverage.
    Utilize your GNSS receivers' existing built-in UHF radio.

  • Eliminates problems due to error in the reported position of monuments.
    With eGPS Solutions, all surveys can be on the same coordinate system, horizontally and vertically. Refer to the section on data reliability.

  • Production increases of 50%+ possible!
    Experience dramatic efficiency improvements when compared to total station surveys. The eGPS Solutions GNSS RTN can eliminate the need to establish supplemental traverses for construction staking and topographic surveys. Just go to the site and get to work!

You'll Be Amazed!

You'll be amazed at the power and support of the eGPS Solutions GNSS Real Time Network --
-- but don't just take our word for it!

"We're shopping for used RTK equipment in Colorado and you're compatible equipment page has been extremely useful. Just wanted to say Thanks! I can't find that kind of info summarized nicely anywhere else. "

- David Hollema, United Power, Inc. Brighton, CO


"We want to get the eGPS value instead of the recorded value. The accuracy is much better!"

- Thomas E. Peay, Jr., RLS, Frontline Surveying & Mapping, Inc., Marietta, GA


"Our crew chief fell in the creek and he and the equipment were immersed. The GPS equipment was fine but the cell phone died a watery death. Within an hour of the phone failing, Jeff met our party chief at the Verizon store to help us get the right phone and get up and running again. That is exceptional support!"

- Greg Wagstaff, RLS, Prime Enginering, Atlanta, GA

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RiverGet more information on the reliability of the eGPS Solutions RTN here.

Find out how the eGPS Solutions RTN works here.

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"Metro Engineering & Surveying Co. uses EGPS daily. Our 2 subscriptions have increased our efficiency in providing service to our clients state wide. We have expanded from our original applications for Photo Control and GIS Project Control to include Field Topos and Site Construction Staking.

With our recent purchase of the Harrier 56/G3 LiDAR and Digital Imagery System and installation in our aircraft and helicopter, we use data from EGPS Base Stations, merged with GPS Data collected during our flights, to process the exact position of our instruments at each event. We have also used these Base Stations as control during airborne GPS Photo Capture.

The EGPS Base Stations have reduced our Field GPS Base Station observations by 75%. We appreciate the good service."

- James E. Sease, President
Metro Engineering & Surveying Co., Inc., Hampton, GA

"With the service that eGPS has provided surveyors of the State of Georgia, we can now cut out at least 1 day of field work and 1 day of reconnaissance, depending on job size. eGPS had made GPS surveying more profitable at a reasonable price.

We have easily doubled our productivity on topo jobs in appropriate areas.

Accuracy has been incredible, while using the equipment and appropriate times and in appropriate places. With a common sense GPS approach, you can easily repeat accuracies of 0.05' horizontal and 0.07' vertical, most of the time doing better than that.

The easiest part of the system is just getting up and running. eGPS and Lonnie Sears will train you and stay in touch with you not only until you are comfortable, but until they are comfortable. I've never had better, more efficient training than what eGPS and Lonnie Sears has provided me."

- Peter Nunn
TerraMark, Kennesaw, GA